Tooling Your Invention

What is tooling? Inventors who plan to make their product themselves need to have a basic understanding of this phase. Those who choose to license their products to investors or corporations do not have to be concerned with this stage. Tooling is the process in which your product is made using equipment or machinery. For example, injection molding produces plastic parts like alarm clock housings or toys, in mass quantities. Metal stamping is used to produce metal parts, like stove tops or toasters. There are many processes available. The one you need will be determined by your

With my clients, I follow the 3D CAD data through the entire process, and keep accurately detailed features in the file. This saves time and money on unnecessary mistakes during this phase. I take pride in working out the tough details that insure a successful product. These elements such as draft, rounds, part thickness, and materials are critical factors in the development of your part or product. Inventors, discuss these points with your engineer and vendor during this phase. If these details are left out, it will cost more money to address them later.

The following pages examine Production options and details. By understanding this phase, you will be able to make more confident decisions.

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