Product Design and Development Services

When I am not adding content to this site or helping people build their Product Portfolios, I work as a Product Design Engineer. Whether assisting large Corporations or Inventors, I enjoy providing Design Services to as many of you as possible.

If you would like to start your project with me, or if you need advice regarding your next step, please don't hesitate to call or Send Information. You do not have to tell me your product idea in order for me to know if I can help you. Explain your idea in general terms, such as: plastic car gadget, sport training machine, baby product made of rubber. Do tell me your goals, so that I know where you stand.

If we decide that I can help you, we will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for your protection. Then, I will look at the details of your project so I can provide you a quote.  Learn more about our services by clicking below.

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