Product Testing

Once mechanical and/or electrical prototypes are received, you will need to begin the product testing and documentation process. Fit, form, and function should be checked, and files updated. To eliminate costly changes, this needs to be done before Tooling. Unless you have experience in this field with your type of product, be sure to involve your product engineer or development group in testing.

My customers often give prototypes to friends, relatives, and focus groups to gain feedback on their product. As a result of this, it is often necessary to implement changes. Some customers even present their Prototypes at trade shows, or simply approach potential vendors to make deals! A better first impression is made if the "bugs" are worked out.

Testing may even involve things such as packaging. For example, we packaged an electronic device, mailed it to the West Coast, and then had it returned. Upon examination, the product was found dysfunctional due to vibrations and handling of the package. We quickly made changes to the parts and the packaging. Eventually when we moved into Production, we had a very well developed product. There are several things to be aware of, and techniques to follow. As you read through the pages below, see what tips are valuable to you. By working out the details now, you could save time and thousands of dollars.

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