Product Design and Development

Product Design and Development of your Idea begins now! This is a very exciting phase, because your idea is finally becoming a reality.

When I was an employee and had to drive to work everyday, I noticed a dozer clearing a lot one morning. Two weeks later I saw building supplies and a concrete foundation on that lot. Then, the very next afternoon a two story building was completely framed. Wow, it seemed like they were half finished! The reality was that all the details, such as wiring, plumbing, and trim still had to be completed, which would take months. You can expect this with your design, a lot of flash at the beginning. Understand though, the details will have to be ironed out eventually.

There are many factors that determine the time it takes to develop a product. Some ideas take eight hours to work from a sketch to a 3D CAD file that will be used for your prototype and tooling. An example of this could be a plastic hanger with specially molded hooks. Ideas that involve several parts, mechanisms, electronics, and programming, such as a medical device, could take weeks or even months to develop.

Regardless, the design phase can be tailored to meet your Product Definition. This phase should be done with a product engineer or product design group that uses 3D CAD software. This will better prepare you for prototypes and tooling. The pages below will explore several avenues that you can take, depending on your idea and goal for your invention.

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What is CAD or Computer Aided Design Computer aided design or CAD is software used by engineers and designers to convert your sketches and ideas into data that can be used to produce a robust product.

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