Making Money With Your Invention

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Make Money from Your Ideas!

Are you ready to make your New Idea a reality, or do you have a concept that will improve an existing product? Are you tired of watching other people produce and sell product ideas that you have had?

Good News - There is an easy way to increase your chances of making money with your idea by 20% to 50% or more! Patent Lawyers can get you a patent if you need one, but it’s not their job to turn your idea into you can easily do this yourself!

"I’ve had my idea for years but kept it to myself. Once I bought My Product Engineer, within 3 weeks I had working prototypes and..."

"I highly recommend starting here with your idea!"

Scott Anderson



How Well Did “The Free Inventors Kit” Work For You?

Free inventor kits ultimately sell Patent and marketing services. Review free inventor’s kits, and notice that they are not typically designed by product engineers, but by lawyers and marketers. They are being paid for patent and marketing services, not to improve the profitability and further develop of Your Invention.

My Product Engineer ™ was developed by a Product Design Engineer to teach you how to take your invention from the initial concept through production, and make money with it! You will be able to approach companies with a solid product portfolio package and prototypes, or start your own business and produce your invention yourself.

I have a Patent - Now What?

Some successful inventors never patent their ideas, while others pay thousands of dollars for this security. The truth is a patent will protect your claims, but it’s not a guarantee to make you rich. In fact, many of my corporate jobs have required me to design around patents that exist so that they can offer a competitive product.

If you already have a Patent and it’s not making you money, this offer will greatly increase your chances with little investment.

In some cases inventors may be fortunate enough for a Manufacturer and an outlet store to purchase their idea before the development phase has been completed. This can be done, but in my experience, inventors with working prototypes or completed products, and some form of protection, are the most successful. This is how My Product Engineer ™ can help you.

"I had already paid for a patent when I realized there wasn't a guarantee that it would ever make me money... after talking with Fred, I started this process, and have made my product feasible to manufacture and sell."
"Paying for a patent first set me back; however, My Product Engineer quickly put me back in the game. "

George Williams



Why Should You Listen to Me?

Inventors Guide

Have you heard of me, Fred Heys? No, probably not. That’s because I spend all my time in the trenches making products a reality rather than working on my celebrity status.

I am a successful Product Design Engineer with over 15 years of experience. I help both corporations and individuals make a lot of money from their products and Ideas.

Inspired by disappointed inventors who spend $1000’s on patents and unsuccessful marketing, I passionately share my product development knowledge through My Product Engineer™.

Real People - Real Products

Inventors Guide

The following paragraph lists some of the Products I have designed for major corporations, small businesses, or individual inventors using this method :

Power Tools, Cleaning Products, Contact Lens Cases, Medical Equipment, Audio Systems/Speakers, Baby Products, CD Ejector, ATM/Cash Registers, Display Stands, Loading Mechanisms, Glue Guns/Modules, Scopes, Cigar Cutters, Hair Salon Equipment, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Equipment, Test Fixtures, Laser Surveying Equipment, Sporting Goods and Kitchen Items.

What Is My Product Engineer™?

My Product Engineer™ is a portfolio package that puts you in control of your invention, so you can make money! It teaches you how to set up your invention idea from the initial concept through production.

The package includes step-by-step information and worksheets to follow, while you’re approaching engineers, lawyers, and marketers.

My Product Engineer™ is the process that’s used by many project engineers in established corporations to quickly move ideas from concept to production .

"I was frustrated with all the different directions to go as a new inventor. I put my trust in Fred’s product and now have a licensing agreement…there was no risk with his 100% Money Back Guarantee!"
"The design process made it easy to get everything from prototypes to actual parts made.”

Cindy Backus



Why should I Purchase My Product Engineer™?

Unlike large companies who have marketing, manufacturing, and engineering teams to develop products, individual inventors and small businesses often need support and direction to help develop their ideas. This concise guide is a time and money saver for inventors and entrepreneurs who want to start their own company, or sell their product themselves.

Profit for Inventors

By Simply Developing Your Idea You Can Easily Quadruple Your Chances of Being Accepted by Manufacturers

As an Engineer in the corporate world and serving in management positions, I have seen several inventors approach marketing with their Inventions. What I've observed is that those inventors with a working prototype or a finished product were 10 times more likely to make a deal than those with just a patent.

Keeping a great idea to yourself is a waste of your time, and it’s stressful! Especially when you know it could show up any day in the marketplace as a result of someone else's hard work! Remember, your patent is only protecting an idea. Until you develop and launch your product it will be sitting with the other 100,000’s of patents that are never put to use.

By simply following the steps in this package, you could easily be pitching your new product to investors, manufacturers, or businesses.

  • Imagine seeing your idea or invention on the shelves of major retailers.
  • Think of what it would be like to collect royalties for your ingenuity and know-how .
  • Envision yourself selling your product online, and meeting your financial goals.

"I work long hours as a landscaper and had very little time to figure out how to make my idea a real product. My wife bought me My Product Engineer as a gift, and in just 5 short weeks we are about to get our first parts delivered! The next step for us is packaging!"

"I like it because it's simple and inexpensive."

Paul Lyons



"I wanted a patent but it was way out of my budget. I started with Fred’s system, and actually had some drawings and prototypes made for very little money. The benefit is that I now have a more robust product, and a much higher chance of selling it."

"I like the low cost approach in obtaining a product that will sell for profit"

James Bernard



"Fred has worked with us for several years, and many of our products can be found in major hardware stores and online. His approach is quick and simple when compared to the typical red tape corporate approach."

"I would highly recommend his services and products."

Jeff Fleming

Vice President


Introducing My Product Engineer™

Inventors Guide

A Sneak Peek of the Contents and Benefits in this Package

What you will receive and learn when you purchase My Product Engineer™:

  • Corporate Secrets on the development process you will use to make your invention profitable.
  • Key Documents that will define and record your idea putting you in control of your product/invention. When you approach engineers, lawyers, marketers, and retailers, you'll be ready!
  • Quickly takes you through the design processes you need to make money with your product. Potentially saving you $1000’s of dollars on unnecessary services.
  • The 8 1/2 x 11 3-Ring Binder is easy to use, with page dividers and tabs already in place, so you can focus on Profits!
  • This is a must buy for anyone going into business with a product idea that they intend to sell, license, or produce themselves.
  • Motivates you to get your invention to market before someone else does!
  • You will gain an understanding of the Product Design Cycle that is used to make your invention robust, sound, and marketable.
  • This is a core proven process that works, and is used around the world to launch products to market!
  • You'll gain access to an Actual Portfolio of a Medical Device that was completed using this system. This will make it even easier for you to start your product launch!
  • Quick Result Detailed Product Development Guide

I will include these 3 Free Bonuses....

Bonus #1   Fred’s Personal List of Invention Resources. These solid resources can save you $100's of dollars.

Bonus #2   View a completed Portfolio. See how one inventor used the portfolio to achieve his goal.

Bonus#3   Free Consulting for your Idea or Invention!!! As you know, most Consultants charge between $100 to $400 dollars an hour!

Summary of What You Get In

“My Product Engineer™”

  • My Product Engineer 3-Ring Binder System Value
  • My Product Engineer Digital PDF Version           Value
  • Fred’s Personal List of Invention Resources      Value
  • View a completed Portfolio                            Value
  • Your Price:

    Only $50.00

    "I’m a mother of two children, and I had some ideas for baby products. I used My Product Engineer to walk me through the process. The best part to me was moving in steps. There were never any big risk decisions along the way, and I could stop whenever I wanted…"

    "I would highly recommend his services and products."

    Lisa Abrams

    Inventor/Stay at Home Mom


    I Want to Get Started Today >>>

    Inventors Guide

    Your Investment ONLY $50.00

    plus shipping

    You'll get instant access to the digital version, and the print version will be shipped to you. Expect arrival within 3 to 5 business days.

    Note: There has never been a better time to launch an invention.
    Please remember you're covered by my RISK-FREE 100% Money-Back Guarantee! If after putting “My Product Engineer” System to work for a full 90-days you don't feel you've gotten your money’s worth, I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

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