Invention Concept Phase

The Invention Concept Phase is the time to think about your Idea in greater detail. Write down all of the positive things about it, as well as certain aspects that worry you. Be careful not to dwell on the negatives too much. The success of your idea may be doubted by many people, even your family and friends! If you remain focused on the value that your invention will deliver to the consumer, and it is genuine, you are on the right track.

Once you have written down the pros and cons, start thinking of all the possible uses and configurations your idea could take on. It’s beneficial to do this with other people, writing down all the ideas, even if they seem far-fetched. When I’m with a customer we compile our thoughts, and I make suggestions that are based on my background as an Engineer. I remember a brainstorming session that started off with the idea of designing a new medical device that would make it easier to measure blood gases in emergency situations. By the time we finished, the concept had grown from a single medical device to a three station portable medical device, incorporating two other compatible units, all in a single housing. This is much like the printer-fax-copier combination, resulting in a more economical and compact option for the consumer. We arrived at this point by putting our thoughts together, before rushing into the Development phase with the first idea.

Once your initial idea becomes better organized, the actual design and development of your product will begin. Your particular invention may benefit from the pages below, which take you into deeper levels of the Development phase. Remember, even during development and prototyping, you will be defining and tweaking your idea constantly. See Product Definition, which is the big picture or guideline that you will use to keep your idea on a successful path.

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