What is a Detailed Part Drawing?

A detailed part drawing is needed to define a part with dimensions, tolerances, materials, finishes, etc. The drawing will be used to generate quotes for tooling and manufacturing. The material used for the part, whether plastic or metal, may affect the style of the final drawing.

Using today's technology, offering ways to create parts with 3D data, designers have saved much time doing fully detailed drawings. One reason for this is that the 3D data can be used directly by machinists, toolers, and manufacturers, without a paper trail. However, for the majority of projects, I still use a drawing to help point out special or controlled dimensions, materials, and finishes. The drawing below is a plastic part that was injection molded. This drawing uses metric dimensions (millimeters) because it was produced overseas.

What is an Assembly Drawing?

Assembly drawings are used by manufacturers and consumers for proper assembly of the product.

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