What is a Concept Drawing ?

A concept drawing communicates graphically the details and the general look and feel of the design without all the engineering and development. The drawing is generated from conversations, sketches, and homemade prototypes. It's a cost saving step that prepares both engineering and the inventor for development.

Some inventors stop at the concept phase to get opinions from lawyers, marketers, family, and friends about the product idea. Once everyone is in agreement, the project continues into development. I like to provide a color 3D view and point out features and benefits that need to be part of the product. This is especially true for products that have assemblies or require electronics. The drawing below provides one example of this.

These drawings may vary greatly, from high end industrial designs, to artistic sketches done by hand. The key is to make sure the designer sees your product idea the way you envision it. You will learn that the first concept will likely change by the time your product is developed.

What is a Detailed Drawing?

A detailed drawing is required in the development phase in order to properly define the part with dimensions and other specifications.

What is an Assembly Drawing?

Assembly drawings are used by manufacturers and consumers for proper assembly of the product.

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