Once your molds/tools are completed and the parts are being efficiently produced, we will follow through with any necessary production controlled drawings and fixture designs.

My Product Engineer owns over 30 Molds producing parts for several companies. We have the capability too not only design your product but also to supply the parts/products to you if needed.

We have vetted several manufactures and suppliers and are very confident that we can help you meet your cost and quality requirements. We have saved companies Tens of Thousands of dollars by reducing product cost through manufacturing processes! Mass production or low volume is all possible here.

Manufacturing Services

1.Sourcing US Based,Asia, or Mexico
2. Supplier
3. Quality Control
4. Fixture Design
5. Packaging
6. Shipping


To save you time and money on unnecessary mistakes during this phase, We follow the 3D CAD data through the entire process, and keep accurately detailed features in the file. At My Product Engineer we take pride in working out the tough details that insure a successful product. These elements such as draft, rounds, part thickness, and materials are critical factors in the development of your part or product.

We will provide tooling support for you at home or in Asia as needed. We have partners in Asia and here in the US. We have experience with inspecting first article parts and having them re-worked until they meet production quality. MPE has worked with several processes, including injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, stamping, vacuum forming, and extrusions.

Tooling Services Offered

1.Design for Tooling
2.Process Selection (Tooling that best fits your Product) 
3.Approve Tooling Drawings
4.First article Inspection
5.Quality Assurance
6.Update CAD Drawings to reflect final manufactured part.

Types of Tooling Processes

1.Injection Molding
2.Rotational Molding
3.Blow Molding
4.Sheet Metal Stamping
5.Metal Spinning
6.Die Casting 
7.CNC Machining

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