Concept to Production

The heart and soul of MPE is our experience in product design and development. The challenge of working an idea through tooling and into manufacturing is a process that MPE considers its expertise.

As you know, ergonomics, human factors, and product styling are a few of the key elements in a successful product. The feasibility of manufacturing, details of the electro-mechanical design phase, and cost are just as important. "Cost is the thief of a good idea." we have learned that a profitable product is made by staying focused on the design intent and the value that your product will deliver to the consumer.

Because of our project management experience, I understand the importance of keeping all groups involved, including electrical, mechanical, software, sales, and manufacturing. In addition to this, our managerial responsibilities have required a thorough understanding of the sourcing of new components, and UL/FDA guidelines etc.

Our team will work with your idea and your team to help you plan and innovate to meet your goal. Throughout the entire project, we will keep detailed records and open communication. Whether the product is one part, such as a dust pan, or consists of hundreds of parts like some types of medical equipment, CPD will help you meet your goals.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is the technique of analyzing an existing physical part or product, yours or a competitors, for the purpose of copying or improving the product. By converting the data into a usable 3D CAD file and adding their own ingenuity, companies may quickly have a competitive product.

Regardless of the size and complexity of the part, a usable 3D data file can be made. Capable design engineers use available technologies to scan in the surfaces or probe in data points to obtain accurate information. However, most companies hand us the part, and we use calipers, height gauges, etc., to create a 3D file. The method used depends on the complexity of the surfaces, and how accurate the reproduction needs to be.

Some companies need to put existing products and molds into 3D CAD. Then changes can be made to update the appearance or features. This often results in an increase in sales.

Mechanism Design

Mechanism design is a common and exciting practice! We have experience designing with springs, belts, pulleys, gears, brackets, electronic and pneumatic sensors, solenoids, motors, and linkage to help make your ideas work with fewest parts, and at optimal performance

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