3D CAD Services

We can quickly convert your idea or an existing part into a 3D data file that can be easily modified to your specifications and sent out for prototyping and tooling. Our experience with advanced surfacing is useful for products that have to meet tough aesthetic requirements. 3D files of plastic, cast, sheet metal , or machined parts can also be used in FEA analysis with coating or finishing tolerances already designed in.

With plastic or cast parts, we add in draft, rounds, and tolerances to produce a robust manufacturable part. Sheet metal parts are designed to industry standards, and can be easily converted to a flat pattern. Whenever possible, we design plastic parts with snaps, ultrasonic weld joints, and inserts, to reduce hardware and/or assembly time.

Complex Assemblies

Managing and creating 3D complex assemblies is a strong point of My Product Engineer. Starting with enclosures and finishing with the correct hardware, we have experience assembling hundreds of parts to make a product. Factors like cooling, EMI, cable routing, and assembly techniques are confronted before actual parts are made. This saves countless hours and tooling change costs that often delay projects.

Assemblies may include PCB's, cables and connectors, fluid and laser systems, tubing and pumps, gears and brackets, displays and cooling components, or whatever your product requires. we will put mechanisms into motion to insure moving parts won't interfere with the surrounding components. Also, we have the ability to program constraints that control critical paramaters into the assembly.

We also use assemblies to quickly create new parts, making them more cost effective and efficient. The parametric environment of a 3D assembly gives the product life, and prevents interference and assembly problems when the prototypes or actual parts are delivered for manufacturing.

2D Prints to 3D Database

Regardless of the complexity of the features, We are capable of converting 2D drawings into 3D data files. Companies that design in 2D often use My Product Engineer to get 3D data files for prototyping and tooling.

As old products are updated, or new tooling is required, companies often have to convert 2D drawings to 3D data files. My Product Engineer provides this service. Yes, we are aware that existing parts without a 3D model rarely match the original 2D print, so each part is inspected and measured feature by feature for accuracy.


Creating detailed part and assembly drawings for production using standard dimensioning and/or geometric tolerancing is a common service provided with every project.

Concept, patent, or illustration drawings for catalogs and manuals can also be generated as needed. The drawings produced by MPE are parametric, or associated, to the actual part or assembly. Once the drawing is created it automatically updates itself as the 3D file is modified. When used properly, this saves time and money in the development process.

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