Product Development for Inventors!

The purpose of this Product Development site is to provide a genuine value for Inventors and Entrepreneurs who want to fully understand the Inventive Process, develop their ideas, and become a part of The American Dream. This site provides a wealth of free information for those of you who have the ingenuity and passion to invent, and become financially independent.

My goal is simple: to share my product development knowledge and techniques with you, so you can make Your Idea a reality!

This site will help you make conscious decisions that benefit you with your Idea, and the Inventive Process. It will help you gain the confidence needed to make your Idea successful. The information provided will motivate you to keep the passion and the momentum, as you approach vendors and companies during each step toward your product goal. It works for me, companies and individuals I work with, and it can work for you!

It’s only hard work to be a successful inventor or entrepreneur when you lose the passion and focus of your intentions. By understanding how thousands of new products hit the market every year, and by learning the process that they must go through, you can move your idea forward with confidence.

Speaking of moving forward, I would suggest reading "What is a Product Engineer" first, then go to The Product Development Cycle. From there, you should be able to join in and find support for your current phase in the design cycle. Good Luck!

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Additional Pages

Product Design Services for Inventors
Product design and development services for inventors.
Recent samples of prototypes and products
What is a Product Engineer?
A product engineer is a person that can design, develop, and manage new product ideas for corporations or individual inventors.
Product Development Cycle
Product Development Cycle; growing up surrounded by Product Designers and Engineers, it never seemed unusual to me that when someone had an idea it would go through a formal process.
New Idea or Invention
New Idea or Invention? Put your concept on paper and get your product to the marketplace.
Invention Concept of your Idea
The Invention Concept Phase is the time to think about your Idea or invention in greater detail.
Product Design and Development
Product Design and Development of Your Invention Idea
Prototype Your Invention Idea
It’s time for your Prototype! The Development phase is exciting, but nothing compares to the feeling of holding a working model of your product idea in your hands.
Product Testing of your invention
Once mechanical and/or electrical prototypes are received, you will need to begin the product testing of your invention.
Tooling for your Invention
What is tooling? Inventors who plan to make their product themselves need to have a basic understanding of this phase.
Marketing your invention Idea
The idea of marketing your product should be kept in mind throughout the entire Product Development Cycle.
Manufacturing your invention idea!
Manufacturing? Now you've gotten actual parts or Prototypes, a patent or some other form of protection, and positive response to your product.
Drawings for your Invention
Drawings are very important and are used to document, record, and detail your invention. Everything from the first sketch to the final manufacturing process should be recorded.
Protection and Your Invention Idea
If you have a good idea for a product should you get Protection? I help my customers define their product idea from an engineering perspective.....
Vendors for Inventors
To find vendors use our custom search bar to bring out the best possible resources for You! Type in any keyword below, or for the web savvy, copy and paste the keyword into the search bar.
Sample Portfolio
After purchasing My Product Engineer enter the password given to view an actual Portfolio near completion.
About My Product Engineer
Learn about the person behind MPE
Contact My Product Engineer
Contact Us at My Product Engineer for additional information regarding your idea, or for a personal request. Thank You.
Papers to download for documenting your invention